Yi Jie Ge



Yi Jie Ge

Chinese Teacher

Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages - Jinan University, CHN
Diploma in Pre-school Education Teaching (Chinese) - Learning Capital School of Early Childhood, SGP

Yijie is a professional teacher who has more than twenty years experience in teaching Chinese. Her perspective towards teaching is that the role of a teacher goes both ways; that the teacher learns from learners just as much as the latter do from the former. She enjoys teaching various creative projects to learners through singing, arts and storytelling. Throughout her teaching career, she found it vital to bond with learners by being caring and sensitive to their needs. When she is kind and loving to them, learners will often open up to her and the learning journey together will be much more beneficial. Yijie looks forward to cultivating learners’ curiosity, helping them to have an amazing childhood and discover their passion and happiness. She loves reading, cooking and travelling with her family.


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