Serene Entleitner



Serene Entleitner

Year 5 Classroom Teacher

Diploma in Education - NIE
Bachelor of Arts - SUSS

Passionate about the world of education, Serene has over 13 years of experience teaching a wide range of year groups in various school systems. Having taught in international schools in Singapore, Italy and Thailand, they have shaped Serene’s perspectives on international-mindedness. She values the importance of being equipped with the essential skills to be a global and independent learner. Hence, in her classroom, young minds engage in authentic learning experiences through exploring concepts and solving problems in their own creative ways. As a curious learner of the world, Serene broadens her horizons by travelling, embracing and learning about different cultures and ways of life.


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CPE Registration No. 201009668C, 21 March 2023 to 20 March 2027

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