Sabrina Tan


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Sabrina Tan

Relief Teacher (Whole School)

Bachelor of Arts - Birmingham City University
Diploma - Seeds Institute

Born in Singapore, Sabrina graduated from Birmingham City University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Early Childhood Studies. She has been teaching for thirteen years and counting with children from different ages and backgrounds. These experiences have shaped her into who she is today as an educator. She is an enthusiastic, passionate and committed educator who believes that every learner should be at the heart of all collaborative decisions made within the learning community. Developing relationships is one of her favourite parts of teaching as it allows her to understand how learners learn, their interests, their background knowledge, how to create an environment that allows them thrive, and more. In order to achieve this, she gives her learners opportunities to take ownership of their learning in various ways. She is known for her innovative teaching approaches, often incorporating technology and creative projects into her lessons to make it more engaging and interactive for her learners. She also values learners as individuals and addresses each and every child’s needs.

Outside of school, she enjoys engaging in activities that keeps herself active and fit. She truly believes that caring for your body and building self-confidence through a healthy and active lifestyle is essential for feeling unstoppable!


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