Rachel Malster



Rachel Malster

Year 4 Classroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - University of Leeds, UK

Although originally from the UK, Rachel Malster spent her childhood in Brunei and has been living and working in North Africa, Asia and Europe, particularly Spain, for more than twenty years. After a brief career in the hospitality industry, she gained a degree in Geography with Early Years and Primary education and has had a number of teaching, mentoring and coordinator roles since. Rachel believes that learning should be inclusive and child-centred, and strives to ensure all learners develop a love of learning. She is a keen swimmer and can often be seen at the poolside teaching young learners to swim as part of the CCA programme. Rachel tries to have a good work-life balance and outside school, she enjoys a range of winter and summer sports with her family, learning Spanish and trying to play the drums.


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