Piyali Roy


Nexus Day 4 Green-8012

Piyali Roy

Year 1 Classroom Assistant

Piyali boasts a robust portfolio of skills from her journey around the world which started in Kolkata, India. She graduated from St Xavier’s College with Political Science Honours before making a move to Singapore 23 years ago. Armed with experience in Speech and Drama as well as her wealth of knowledge from Trinity Guildhall (London) and Julia Gabriel Centre (Singapore), she has worked in various schools over two decades. Piyali believes in the importance of maintaining high energy and fun levels to keep learners engaged. Her own enthusiasm for teaching gives her the impetus to be updated in formal training in Phonics, Presentation skills and Mental Well-being. True to her belief of a well-balanced lifestyle, Piyali can be spotted travelling around Singapore on the road on her way to the gym or socialising with friends.


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CPE Registration No. 201009668C, 21 March 2023 to 20 March 2027

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