Nagerani Rajendran


Nagerani Rajendran

Nagerani Rajendran

Year 6 Classroom Assistant

Hailing from Malaysia, Nagerani is a passionate educator with experience of 7 years who is willing to go the extra mile in anything that is assigned to her. She has worked with preschool up to secondary school learners. 5 years down in Singapore, she gained experience in student care as well as a team leader before being a part of Nexus family.


She herself had a passion for language since her primary school days where she has been a part of drama, choral speaking, storytelling and debate team! She believes education is the only profession that allows someone to teach and learn at the same time. Language, communication and people makes her feel energized. Now in Nexus, she gets to be involved with learners while sharing her passion for language.

During her free time, she loves to indulge in a good book and music. She loves cooking and definitely enjoys eating!


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