Lachlan MacKinnon


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Lachlan MacKinnon


My purpose is to inspire people, one conversation at a time, with a shared vision and common purpose. There is no defining action, no grand program, no killer innovation, it’s about building momentum with courageous people. I’m known for walking alongside people, to create a culture where they feel safe, have a strong sense of belonging and flourish in their own unique ways. Listening deeply, encouraging them to recognize their true value and in turn, enriching others.


During my career over the last 30 years I have worked in the private and public sectors in Australia, UK, Middle East, Africa and Singapore. Prior to this, I was employed by the Abu Dhabi Education Council as Director of Schools and a CEO/Principal in Australia. I have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Masters of Education in Human Resources and Development (M.Ed) and a Masters of Business Management in Leadership and Sustainability (MBA).


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