Iffa Siraj


Iffa Siraj

Iffa Siraj

Physical & Health Education Classroom Assistant

Iffa is a proud Singaporean who has called this vibrant city home all her life. With 5 years of valuable teaching experience, Iffa has found her niche as a physical and health education classroom assistant, seamlessly merging her passion for education and well-being. Iffa firmly believes that growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones, which is why she is dedicated to guiding her students to new heights. She hopes to instil a lifelong appreciation for health, learning, and personal growth in each and every student. Beyond the classroom walls, you’ll often find Iffa indulging in her love for nature. Whether it’s a tranquil nature walk or an exhilarating outdoor adventure, the great outdoors inspires her just as much as the classroom does.


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CPE Registration No. 201009668C, 21 March 2023 to 20 March 2027

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