Charlie Proctor



Charlie Proctor

Bilingual and Multilingual Learning Specialist Teacher

Doctorate of Education - University of Exeter
Master of Arts - University of Nottingham
PGCE - University of Newman
Bachelor of Economics - University of Swansea

Charlie Proctor has 15 years experience as an EAL and Primary school teacher. Prior to joining Nexus, he worked as a whole-school Director of English Language in China before opening his own unique language school that specialised in teaching English to young learners through nature, projects and stories. Charlie loves to learn and innovate. He also holds a Masters in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Nottingham University. He is presently in his third year of his Doctorate of Education (EdD) at Exeter, where he endeavours to pioneer how we can better utilise the power of story to teach language. In a few years’ time, he hopes to not only become an expert in this field, but to achieve his life-long goal of becoming Doctor Proctor.


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