Becca Ko


Nexus Staff Green Day 1-7110

Becca Ko

Year 1 Classroom Assistant

As an aspiring polyglot, Becca’s background as a third culture individual began in Singapore through various cultures, languages and customs. Over time, she has accrued a myriad of tongues, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay. A lifelong learner at heart, Becca loves adding new languages to her arsenal, with German being her most recent goal to be fluent in! Becca uses her knowledge of dialects to build authentic relationships with the learners, with the language of Art into the bargain. Having taught in various art ateliers, Becca has had the opportunity to practise and impart her artistic skills to both Primary and Secondary learners for over 3 years. She inculcates a culture of enthusiasm amongst her learners, with her recipe for growth including a deep appreciation for a range of art forms, a dash of creative insights and a pinch of patience. Brimming with energy at the same level as her curiosity, Becca combines her finesse at expressing ideas together with her passion for inspiring the young to create an environment conducive to learning.


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