Nexus Stock Exchange Competition: Cultivating Real-World Investment Skills

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This school year, an exciting new initiative has created a buzz around Nexus International School, capturing the attention of both learners and staff — the Nexus Stock Exchange Competition. 


Under the guidance of Mr. Raza, Business & Economics Learning Area Leader, the competitive league has cultivated an interest that stretches far beyond the classroom, providing valuable lessons that transcend traditional syllabus content.

Launching the First Nexus Stock Exchange Competition

Launched at the start of the school year in August, the competition handed participants a virtual $100,000 to invest in a simulated New York Stock Exchange. In all, 206 people got involved, with the youngest learner in Year 5! The league also included a small number of Nexus staff who enjoyed struggling to keep pace with the enthusiastic, savvy and aggressive portfolio growth achieved by learners at the top of the league.


With the ability to make trades as they please, the competition rules allowed participants the option of resetting their financial profiles to try new investment strategies, urging them to boldly embrace growth mindsets and dive into innovative investment ventures.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Following the stock markets, many learners who participated found themselves immersed in daily reflections on stock performances, fostering conversations around global business developments. Alongside the usual banter about weekend plans and the latest tv shows, tutor time was now filled with discussions around financial trends and predictions. 


With newly established access to and physical copies of Business Times readily available, learners not only embraced financial literacy but also experienced handling newspapers— a novel experience in our digital age.


Mr. Raza’s, who led this initiative, shared that the competition serves a dual purpose: to expose learners to a real-world investment simulation and to reinforce classroom concepts through practical application. Among his various endeavours at Nexus, Mr. Raza’s dedication to advancing enterprise education has earned him the award of “Most Influential Business & Economics Educator 2023 (Singapore)” by APAC Insider.

Key Highlights and Insights

One of the striking aspects of the competition is its ability to enhance participants’ decision-making processes. Mr. Raza observed that learners were initially driven by emotions, buying stocks from companies they were fans of, but gradually transitioned into making more data-driven, analytical decisions throughout the contest.


The top performers, a group of Year 10 learners embarking on their IGCSEs, epitomise the open-mindedness and analytical thinking essential for success in the ever-changing world of finance. 


Mr. Raza enthusiastically presented the contest’s champion, Rayad’s, portfolio to professionals at investment banks, including Bank of America. Their response was a mix of delight and astonishment at how rapidly he had added US $561,486 to his portfolio in less than six months of trading. Rayad’s top spot among the league of 206 was followed by Julian, Ryan, Ben, Sam and Izzy. 

Our Learners Share their Key Takeaways from the Nexus Stock Exchange Competition:

Reflecting on the experience, learners shared profound insights into their newfound financial literacy. Concepts like diversification, risk management, and patience took centre stage, demonstrating that this competition was more than just a game — it was an opportunity to learn practical financial knowledge.


The stories of success and lessons from Nexus learners are not just influencing their studies; they’re getting ready for a future where being financially astute should no longer be the preserve of a select few.

1. Real-World Exposure:

“The competition offers real-life experience even though it’s simulated money. It still shows you how to navigate the stock exchange and helps you understand how it works.”

– Ashley Rose

“It was interesting to see and learn how the stock market works through the simulation without the pressure of using actual money.”


2. Valuable Lessons on Patience and Strategy:

Learners Lucy, Rayed, Izzy, and Alex shared the key lessons they learned from the simulation — patience, avoiding greed, diversification, and mastering market unpredictability. 

3. Impactful Experiences and Trades:

Many learners also recounted their memorable trades, from penny stocks and Apple investments to Netflix option trades that propelled them from underdogs to champions.


One learner, Ryan, explored penny stocks and bought when they were low. In a strategic move, he was able to sell off 75% of his investment at a profit after closely monitoring trends. 


On another front, Ashley-Rose, who is not currently studying Business or Economics, expressed that she initially felt confused by the stock market. However, she didn’t give up — instead, she spent time researching and asking other learners for advice. This journey transformed her confusion into confidence, showing her that you don’t have to be a business student to get the hang of the stock market. Ashley-Rose’s story proves that anyone can understand and be interested in trading, highlighting that it’s a valuable learning experience for everyone.

4. Financial Literacy Enhancement:

The competition motivated our learners to engage with research around the stock market. Through the simulation and the learning process from trial and error, many learners shared that they now have a better understanding of trading, know what to invest in, and feel confident in observing research trends to make informed decisions.

Navigating Stock Markets: Insights and Advice from Our Learners

Reflecting on their experiences participating in the competition, our learners share valuable insights and advice gained from their experiences:


Urges caution, steering clear of impulsive choices amidst market ups and downs.


Embark on a strategic shift that propels one to new heights in the rankings, showcasing the element of luck intertwined with skill.


Advocates for a savvy approach — knowing precisely when to cut losses and when to stand firm, putting trust in the ebb and flow of the market.


Emphasises the power of knowledge, staying informed through news channels, and identifying potential investment opportunities.


Explore the unpredictable nature of the stock market by navigating through both victories and setbacks.


Adapt and evolve, learning from initial losses to refine one’s strategy, emphasising the art of selective investment.

Future Plans for the Nexus Stock Exchange

Looking ahead, Mr. Raza sees the Nexus Stock Exchange Competition growing to involve parents and potentially even inter-school leagues! There are also likely to be similar competitions based around FX trading, rates and bond valuation.

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