Nexus International School (Singapore) Engages In A New Collaboration With FOBISIA

Nexus International School (Singapore) collaboration with FOBISIA

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in Nexus’ ongoing commitment to providing a world-class education. Nexus has recently been accepted at the pre-Membership Visit Stage for FOBISIA, the Federation of British International Schools in Asia. This marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration that will introduce many new opportunities that will enhance and enrich the overall educational experience for our school community.

Unlocking Boundless Opportunities

At Nexus, we believe in the power of expanding networks and nurturing partnerships to enrich the educational journey and experiences of the school community. This collaboration with FOBISIA opens up a world of possibilities for us, even at this preliminary stage. FOBISIA is renowned for promoting collaboration, facilitating friendly competition, and providing a platform for professional development. This widens Nexus’ reach and resources, and we are eager to engage and immerse ourselves in this vibrant, new international community.

Participation In Student Events And Conferences

FOBISIA hosts over 70 student events annually, spanning sporting, academic, and arts activities across the region. These events aim to provide and enhance opportunities for children to participate, develop and perform. As part of the FOBISIA network, Nexus learners will have the chance to join these events, allowing them to cultivate leadership skills , build resilience, create friendships, and, most importantly, have fun. These experiences will further enrich our learners with a well-rounded educational experience. 


Nexus educators will also greatly benefit from the resources that FOBISIA has for professional development. They are committed to professional development, offering educators access to a range of conferences that are hosted by both member schools and HQ throughout the year to share best practice and promote continuous improvement in the positive spirit of collaboration. We are excited for our teachers to enhance their professional knowledge and collaborate with fellow educators. As a school, we know the importance of a commitment to lifelong learning and this collaboration gives our educators the opportunity to share their knowledge and teaching methodologies with others. 

Building Bridges Through Collaboration

Collaborating with FOBISIA goes beyond geographical boundaries; it provides Nexus with a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded institutions to learn from others and contribute to the global educational landscape. This will expose Nexus to a diverse set of cultures and varied educational systems that will undoubtedly broaden the horizons of both our educators, learners and community.

Looking Ahead With Enthusiasm

As we embark on this new chapter of collaboration with FOBISIA, we will keep you updated about the exciting developments ahead. To learn more about FOBISIA, check out their website for more details. 

Nexus International School (Singapore)

Nexus International School (Singapore)

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