Nexus Learners Become Internationally Accredited Mental Health First Aiders

At Nexus International School (Singapore), our commitment to learner wellbeing leaps forward with the latest initiative from our CARE:MVMT Ambassadors.

Empowering Learners for a Supportive Community

Nexus Care: MVMT Ambassadors Receive Mental Health First Aid Training
Nexus Learners with George Peterkin of 'Mind Your Health Ltd'

George Peterkin of ‘Mind Your Health Ltd recently led an extensive Mental Health First Aid Training program at Nexus International School in Singapore. This day-long training covered crucial topics such as the fundamentals of mental health, different disorders and why people develop mental health conditions, symptom recognition, and effective approaches to supporting others.


George and the learners engaged in conversations about ways to recognise mental health symptoms and what they can do to provide support to individuals. This involved first understanding how individuals with mental health disorders perceive their surroundings and identifying risk factors and contributors to mental health issues. 


As the day progressed, the learners worked with George to apply their newfound knowledge to dive deeper into specific disorders. Together they crafted action plans, detailing the proactive steps to recognise signs in others and how to guide individuals to the necessary support, facilitated through Safeguarding leads


By completing the course, our learners earned international recognition as Mental Health First Aiders


A huge well done to these amazing learners for their dedication to building a supportive community! They will continue to work closely with the counselling team and Ms. Tamzin to extend their support throughout the school community.

CARE:MVMT Ambassador, Mohan, Reflects on his Mental Health First Aid Training


Mohan, one of the learners who completed the Mental Health First Aid Training at Nexus, shares his thoughts on the experience. 


From interactive sessions to gaining insights into mental health challenges, Mohan highlights the value of the training in equipping him to support friends and peers dealing with issues like anxiety.

I really enjoyed the training course. It was fun, very interactive and the content covered was very interesting. I was surprised to know so much about how our mind works when we are not at our mental best and how this can affect everything in our lives. I enjoyed learning about how to help other people when they go through things like depression and anxiety, and I feel equipped to help my friends and people in need with this knowledge.” – Mohan

About About Tamzin Owen, Science Teacher and Care:MVMT Ambassadors Leader

About About Tamzin Owen, Science Teacher and Care:MVMT Ambassadors Leader

Born and raised in the North of England, Tamzin holds an Integrated Masters in Physics with a focus on defence applications of Particle Physics. Passionate about mental health and wellbeing, Tamzin leads the Care:MVMT ambassadors to implement initiatives and enhance learner wellbeing at Nexus.


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