Nexus International School IBDP Cohort of 2023: Embarking on a Global Academic Odyssey!

By: Will Towler, Careers & University Counsellor

Nexus 2023 graduate university destinations

Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia. These are just a few of the amazing destinations our fantastic IBDP cohort of 2023 are currently enjoying as part of their NEXt steps and life after Nexus. With 92% of our learners securing a place at their first choice university, we are incredibly proud to shed some light on the exceptional journey our 2023 leavers are on. 

Our first stop on this voyage of discovery: Europe.

Home to various fine universities, many of our learners are furthering their educational journey in countries up and down the continent. One of our learners has found their home at Utrecht University. With an eye on the complexities of global economics, he is preparing to immerse himself in the intricate world of Economics and Business Economics, gearing up to become the next generation of analytical thinkers and economic strategists. 


Continuing along, we visit the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where one of our learners is gearing up to unravel the mysteries of Theoretical Chemistry. Delving into the intricate world of chemical complexities, our learner will immerse themself with a passion for scientific inquiry and a drive to push the boundaries of chemical understanding. 


The KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is our final stopping point in Europe. With a vision to build the future, our ex-Nexusian has made his way there to immerse himself in the fascinating world of Civil Engineering. In no time at all, he will be ready to contribute his expertise to the creation of sustainable infrastructure and innovative urban solutions.

Over the Atlantic we go, bound for the USA in North America.

Amongst the talented artists of Nexus, the lure of creativity and expression drew some towards the vibrant canvas of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where they are set to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.


North we travel on and find ourselves in Toronto. Positioned at the forefront of business education, the University of Toronto beckons with its renowned Rotman Commerce program, paving the way for the aspiring business leaders from Nexus ‘23 to dive deep into the realms of commerce and global business strategy.

Going ahead, we stop at the UK as the next part of our alumni journey.

A few of our learners are bound for exciting journeys at the University of Exeter. Embracing passions for the intricacies of the human body and the dynamic world of marketing, our learners will be exploring the realms of Exercise and Sport Science and the domains of Marketing and Management respectively, making their mark in the ever-evolving spheres of sports and commerce.


A quick hop across to the capital leads us to UCL. Fusing the worlds of science and business, the scholars en route to University College London are set to unravel the mysteries of Bioprocessing of New Medicines while being equipped with the acumen of Business and Management. They are surely poised to become the trailblazers of the pharmaceutical industry. Also within the city lies the Imperial College London. The learners enrolled in the university’s esteemed Computer Science program aim to become the tech pioneers of tomorrow, where they will unravel the mysteries of coding, algorithms and technological innovation. They are en route to becoming the architects of the digital future. 


We make our last stop in the UK at the University of Brighton where Nexus scholars will study Physiotherapy. With a commitment to promoting physical well-being and fostering holistic health, our learner will learn the ways of healing as they dedicate their time towards bettering the wellbeing of others. 

With a thirst for scientific knowledge and a drive to unravel the mysteries of the natural world, the learners embark on a comprehensive Bachelor of Science program, paving the way for them to become the global leaders of scientific innovation and exploration.

Our final stop on this hectic dash across the globe is here in Singapore.

Our budding artists from Nexus have made their way to The LASALLE College of the Arts. A haven for students whose hearts are full of passion, the school will offer them a nurturing environment to flourish and shape their artistic identities. 

As these incredible young minds embark on their educational odysseys, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to each and every one of them.

May their academic pursuits be filled with inspiration, knowledge, and the joy of learning. May it propel them towards a future illuminated by their passions and the Nexus spirit! Here’s to the class of 2023, may your journeys be as vibrant and dynamic as your academic pursuits!

Will Towler, Careers & University Counsellor

Will Towler, Careers & University Counsellor

Will first joined Nexus in 2022 as an English teacher and also currently holds the role of the Careers & University Counsellor. He relishes the opportunity to connect his learners to life outside of school, finding exciting pathways for their NEXt steps all around the globe in a variety of industries. Combined with his love of English, Will tempers his usual fondness for linguistic verbosity with the practical concision one needs for university applications.


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