20 Shavees With One Message: Hair for Hope 2023

To commemorate Hair for Hope’s 20th anniversary, 20 brave members of the Nexus community came together to shave their heads and make a bald statement for children with cancer, conveying a key message that they are not alone, and we are always rooting for their recovery.

Hair for Hope is the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)’s annual fundraising campaign for children with cancer. By shaving their heads, participants help to raise awareness of childhood cancer and the many side effects of cancer treatment, which include hair loss and lowered self-esteem. The symbolic gesture shows children that being bald is not something they should be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

Nexus has participated in Hair for Hope as a satellite partner since 2018. This event holds a special meaning for the school and its community as we continue this tradition in loving memory of Joseph, one of our learners who fought his battle with cancer bravely. Joseph was a beloved part of our Nexus community, and we hope to continue his legacy with courage and strength to support other children who face the same struggle as he did.

A person’s hair can be a crucial aspect of their identity, so going bald can be a daunting experience. Yet, our learners demonstrate their bravery year after year, doing what they can to express their solidarity and raise funds for children with cancer. Being empathetic, taking action and volunteering to help others teaches our learners about the important role they play within their communities and the power they each have to make a positive impact. This echoes a key lesson of the CARE:MVMT, wherein our learners understand the change they can make by regularly extending a helping hand to those in need by participating in volunteering initiatives and charities as part of Care for Others.

True to our community spirit, many friends, families and teachers gathered at our on-site shaving event in the atrium to donate to the cause and offer emotional support to our shavees. One of our young learners from primary school was so moved by his peers’ efforts that he volunteered on the spot. In support of his brave decision, his whole class accompanied him to the atrium and cheered for him enthusiastically from the front row. By taking the initiative to support not just this meaningful cause but also one another, our learners proved to us that even the youngest of us can make a meaningful difference.

Our older learners have also continued leading as role models for their peers and younger learners. Several of our secondary learners have participated in Hair for Hope multiple times and have inspired their friends to join the event as a shavee as well. Two learners from Year 11, Alexander and Joshua, shaved their heads for the second and first time respectively because they had been inspired by friends who previously participated in Hair for Hope. We hope their courageous gesture this year will also inspire more of their friends and others to keep up the tradition in the years to come.

In total, our shavees helped to raise over $22,400 this year. We thank the Nexus community for their generous support and donations from the bottom of our hearts and we are glad to have raised awareness and funds for such an important cause. We hope our learners’ bravery will inspire others to follow in their footsteps and continue the legacy of supporting one another and those in need because no effort is too small and everyone has the potential to create positive change.


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