At Nexus, learning is engaging, innovative and authentic. As educators, we use the latest research and best practices to ensure that we provide the best education for your child. Our school community is diverse and vibrant, with individuals who are passionate about what they do. We aim to cultivate independent, confident and well-rounded learners who are ready to face the challenges of the ever-evolving world. Recognising that every individual is unique, we are dedicated towards providing holistic support to ensure that nobody gets left behind. We whole-heartedly believe in supporting all our learners to achieve their goals and potential.

At Nexus,
we accept learners,

AGES 3-18

Offering them the following accredited international curriculum programmes:


Primary School spans the longest period of a child’s education and it is also the time when the most connections and discoveries take place.


YEAR 6 (AGE 11)

We offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) which is a transdisciplinary programme – in other words, we are always looking to make connections across different curriculum areas to make learning as authentic and meaningful as possible. For our youngest learners, they use the Early Years component of the PYP.


Starting from a young age, we seek to nurture lifelong internationally-minded learners. As the future becomes increasingly uncertain, we believe that it is our role as educators to prepare our children to not just cope with change, but to view it as a catalyst and an inspiration for growth and development. We strive to develop learners’ resilience, communication skills and learning agility.


Nexus embraces a restorative approach to relationships. At this stage of life, the plasticity of the brain allows it to grow and develop phenomenally. Following our holistic view on learning, we believe in nurturing social and emotional skills in our learners. We seek to cultivate positive mindsets that will propel our learners forward in their lives.


We offer the globally recognised


YEAR 7 – 9 | AGE 11 – 13

Building upon the knowledge, skills and attitudes from the IB PYP, the MYP prepares learners to meet future academic challenges.


YEAR 10 – 11 | AGE 14 – 15

A two-year, internationally recognised, externally verified level 2 qualification that will support learners in their academic portfolio.


YEAR 12 – 13 | AGE 16 – 18

One of the world’s leading pre-university programmes that cultivate well-rounded learners who are ready for the world outside Nexus.

Apart from preparing our learners for important exams, we also believe in setting our learners up for life itself. The World Economic Forum and other sources show that the landscape of employment is evolving and employers are looking for effective soft skills in addition to knowledge. Hence, we strive to develop learners who are problem solvers who think critically, apply concepts and information to novel situations while collaborating and communicating excellently.


During this crucial period in a child’s educational journey, we want to empower our learners to discover and pursue their passions. We firmly believe in finding the untapped talent that every learner possesses. We also encourage them to learn about their place and influence in the world, knowing that they will take a productive part in the global society going forward.


Nexus is proud of our highly motivated and professional teachers who make learning come alive in our classrooms. Our teachers are highly qualified, with more than 80% possessing more than five years of teaching experience and holding two or more professional qualifications. 43% of our teachers hold a Master’s Degree, with many more in the process of obtaining their qualifications. We also ensure that our support staff are experienced, with 57% of our classroom assistants with Bachelor’s Degrees.

Teacher possessing more than five years of teaching experience

Our teachers hold a Master’s Degree

Our classroom assistants with Bachelor’s Degrees

As a lifelong learning community, we also invest in continuous staff training for their personal development through our IB World School connections, CIS/WASC membership and our own in-house professional learning. As a coaching school, we set ambitious individual and team goals, aiming to share the best practices by hosting global practitioners and embracing best international practices.

As a school that embraces diversity, we employ staff from across the globe that are able to speak a range of languages. We welcome the range of experiences that they bring and they can also help learners who join from similar backgrounds to assimilate better at school. They are also trained to help with children who may need extra support with English as they work with our language specialists.

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