IB Diploma Results 2023

Nexus International School (Singapore) celebrates its learners’ hard work and effort. 


SINGAPORE – Nexus International School (Singapore) believes in supporting each unique learner to the best of their abilities, regardless of their academic background and aptitude. We work closely with our learners to achieve their goals, including great results from the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). 


Our learners put their best foot forward, accepting the challenge of full examinations and pushed forth with their best efforts. Nexus celebrates the successes of its learners who managed to attain great results this year: 

  • 98% pass rate VS 79.3% global pass rate
  • Two high scores of 43
  • Average score 32 VS Global Score 30.24
  • 69% of learners above 30 points
  • 70% of subject grades were 5 or better


Additionally, Nexus learners also managed to score an average of 3.68 points above their personal targets. This reflects the continuous improvement that Nexus strives to cultivate in its learners – there is always space to grow and better oneself. We are proud of our learners who have punched above their weight. 


28% of the cohort also went above and beyond by obtaining a Bilingual Diploma. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, their multilingualism will become an increasingly rewarding skill that allows them to bridge beyond language and cultural barriers. We are proud of our learners who have embraced their roles as global citizens. 


“The most important thing that school taught me is not just academics – like learning a lot of new things in different subjects; but it’s that I could discover what my true capability is,” shares Shao Yuan, one of our learners who scored 43 points and obtained a bilingual diploma. “I feel proud of myself. The school had a lot of opportunities and I feel quite fortunate that I took those opportunities and had a lot of good experiences here.” 


With our 2023 graduates going on to pursue chemical engineering, physiotherapy and other emerging healthcare fields such as bioprocessing of new medicine, we are delighted to see how our learners have embraced the Nexus Way by choosing to make a difference in the global society. Nexus is proud to see how our learners have pushed themselves and maintained their hard work. We would also like to thank our dedicated educators who have helped our learners reach their fullest potential. 



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