Global Goals Week 2021


Nexus learners and staff dedicated the week of 13 to 17 September 2021 to acknowledge and highlight the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We looked at these 4 UN Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation, Responsible Consumption & Production, Reduced Inequalities and Quality Education. These goals are embedded into our curriculum and form the foundation in enabling our learners to become globally responsible citizens.

Day 1: Introduction to Global Goals

We kick-started Sustainable Development Goals Week (or Global Goals Week) with personal goal pledges signed off by our learners. The 100k Deeds Challenge, run by our Y12 learner, Sai, was taken to the classrooms where learners presented their personal targets and solutions for their chosen Sustainable Development Goals.




In the IB Environmental systems and societies (ES&S) class held today, our IB learners proposed a “Cycling to School” campaign where they encourage Y10 to Y13 learners to take up cycling (where distance is possible) rather than taking car transportation to school. Through this campaign, they hope to see a reduction in our carbon footprint as a school.




Day 2: Focus on Global Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation

For Day 2, our focus was on “Clean Water and Sanitation” to promote the importance of the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. In the morning, our learners continued to fill up our Global Goals pledge wall with their personal pledges.




The Nexus Global Goals focus of the day continued across the school where our learners learnt why water is an essential resource to us all. To contribute to conserving clean water, our learners drew up their own vision and pledge as to how they can support this global goal. Many places are without clean water – our learners explored the process of water filtration to learn how clean water comes about. As part of our learner initiative, stickers with quotes were pasted on all drinking fountains around the school as reminders to reduce water usage.




Day 3: Responsible Consumption & Production

It’s Day 3 of Global Goals Week! We’re focusing on G12: Responsible Consumption & Production today and started off the day by encouraging our learners to make personal goal pledges if they haven’t. A learner submitted a new pledge to waste less food which is in line with our lunchtime highlight today – Waste-free Lunch where we challenged our learners to go waste-free during lunch.




We saw many learners armed with pre-packed lunch boxes and they made sure they finished their lunches, leaving zero waste. We’re proud of you for taking that step forward!




Day 4: Focus on Global Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production 

Thursday’s focus was on “Reduced Inequalities”. In one of their Unit of Inquiry lessons, our Y5 learners explored the central idea of how peace and conflict exist within and between communities.




They delved into the possible reasons and causes behind conflict. Upon reflection, they thought of ways to resolve conflict such as through communication, compromise and compassion. Through role-play, they learnt about the importance of valuing differences and being open-minded to other perspectives.




Our Y6 learners also penned their thoughts on equal rights and gender equality and highlighted the importance of equal education for both men and women.




Day 5: Focus on Global Goal 4 – Quality Education

Today’s focus for Global Goals was on G4: Quality Education. We recognise how important it is to have equal access to education for everyone. Education liberates the intellect, unlocks the imagination and is integral to self-respect. It opens up countless opportunities and enables each individual to contribute to a progressive and healthy society.



As part of our highlights today, our learners unleashed their imagination and dressed up as who they want to be in the future. There were learners dressed as astronauts, bakers, authors, firefighters, doctors, rock stars and more! We love the creativity they put into the costumes (a big thank you to our parents and guardians who worked very hard on the costumes too!)






As the Global Goals Week draws to a close, we hope our learners continue their amazing efforts in keeping up with their goal pledges not just in school but also in their daily lives.



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