Global Goals Week 2020


At Nexus, International Mindedness is respecting global and intercultural diversity, promoting mutual understanding and fair outcomes in our community. We celebrated Global Goals Week with 5 dedicated goals for each day of the week.

Day 1: No Poverty

Our Year 11 Global Perspectives learners worked in groups to create videos, activities and challenges for Year 7 learners to help them understand the importance of the United Nations’ Global Goals. Our Year 8s also embarked on a lesson simulation during their Humanities class, where they looked into how disparities in one’s dwelling areas may affect their quality of life. They were given a limited amount of “cash” and had to discuss as a group how they wanted to budget and purchase “building materials” out of recycled items and tape. They were also “thrown” various life scenarios such as natural disasters or illnesses, which affects the homes they built.






Day 2: Good Health and Well-Being

Our Year 11s arranged for some walls and trees of posivity where our learners and parents could jot down messages to spread some love, peace and joy around the community. Our Year 2s also shared what well-being meant to them! Take a look here!




Day 3: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Our Year 5s worked hard to create content to demonstrate their learnings about “Conflict Resolution”. It’s so wonderful to see what they’ve done and the pointers they’ve highlighted. Hear from our Year 5s for an alternative suggestion on resolving the existing conflict between the USA and North Korea!



Day 4: Responsible Consumption & Production

As part of their current Unit of Inquiry, our Year 4s undertook projects where they discovered the importance of how water plays such a vital role as an essential resource on Earth and why we should all be responsible consumers of it. After investigating the water cycle through a variety of science experiments, our learners took their research one step further by inventing their own water pot pulleys and visiting the school’s next door canal to collect water samples to continue their analysis back in their homeroom! They also researched why canals are built. Our Year 4s also recently planted their own seedlings after researching what seeds needed to grow and creating a ‘plant care plan’!






Day 5: Quality Education

To commemorate the end of Global Goals Week, we had a powerful message in assembly about lifelong opportunities for all as part of our Quality Education focus. Our Take Action group ‘Girl Power’ presented on Gender Equality – we could not be more proud of these young people that are making a difference! Our learners also came dressed to the theme of ‘When I Grow Up’. Check out what our learners aspired to be!




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