At Nexus, we believe that learning about entrepreneurship, taught through workshops and programmes in schools, benefits learners from all socio-economic backgrounds. We always try to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and innovation and we actively encourage our learners to explore new ideas such as the opportunities and challenges behind running a business.


In PYP, our Y4 learners learn about markets and day-to-day business while our IGCSE curriculum offers business and economics as optional subjects. Our IBDP follows the Individuals and Society group that offers both business management and economics at the standard and higher level, where learners are encouraged to develop a holistic view of the world of business.
This is further amplified by real-life examples of business programmes and entrepreneurship workshops where our IBDP students in Singapore are encouraged to participate in the Junior Achievement Company of the Year. The programme goes through the entire lifecycle of a business, including how to start and sell shares in a company, learn the different functions of a company, create a product and market and sell it, liquidate a company and formalise profit-sharing.
Competing in the Junior Achievement Company of the Year competition is truly firmly embedded in the Nexus culture. We have two learner-led companies at Nexus that have won the Junior Achievement Singapore Company of the Year competition in 2020 and 2021. One of these companies, Team Revival, even went on to win the Asia Pacific competition in 2021.
Team Revival, winner of 2020 Junior Achievement Company of the Year for Singapore and Asia Pacific in 2021
Team Revival Nexus Junior Achievement Award
Our learners in Team Revival demonstrated their innovative marketing prowess through creating a new product called ‘Versa’ – a bag that can be worn three ways: a sling bag, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. The bags were made from upcycling single-use advertising banners used in the school. The team realised the business potential of repurposing these advertisement banners since they can’t be recycled due to their plastic composition. By reusing these free unwanted materials, the team had an immediate financial advantage.
They went into the gritty details behind marketing and manufacturing the final product, all while running a company at the same time. They learnt the challenges involved in running a business such as manufacturing, partnerships, quality control and even outsourcing. The team also worked with Singapore Anglican Care Services – a charity that helps underprivileged women get back into the labour force.
ScrapCap, who won the competition in 2021, demonstrated amazing problem-solving skills when faced with an unexpected situation. When demand exceeded expectations, they were able to ramp up production and sold around 200 pieces in the limited time available.

Team ScrapCap, winner of 2021 Junior Achievement Company of the Year for Singapore

ScrapCap Presentation

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