Our school fees include most extra-curricular activities, local trips and our new world-class facilities. We are mid-priced amongst international schools in Singapore.
We understand that starting or changing schools can be overwhelming; we don’t have complicated online application portals, just friendly, personal, step-by-step assistance. We need supporting documents like your family’s passports, your child’s academic reports and vaccination records to facilitate your child’s enrollment in Nexus International School.
Payment received by 31 December 2022 incl. 7% GST Payment received in 2023 incl. 8% GST
Application Fee
(for new applicants, at time of application)
S$963.00 S$972.00
Enrolment Fee
(for new applicants, due when a school place is offered)
S$3,424.00 S$3,456.00 The Development Levy pays for the maintenance, improvement and renovation of the Nexus campus as well as for all its capital development projects. It is payable during the first semester of attendance each year and will not be pro-rated regardless of enrolment date.
Annual Development Levy S$1,712.00 S$1,728.00

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