Nexus Primary Production: Behind the Scenes of “Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits”

By: Catharine Steele, Year 2 Teacher and Director From Auditions to Applause Last August, Nexus was buzzing with excitement as auditions for the 2023/24 Primary Production took the stage. Fueled by the success of the previous year’s show, our learners eagerly jumped at the chance to return to the spotlight. Guided by the transformative PYP and IB curriculum, we embarked on a journey to empower our learners, granting them the agency to shape their dramatic experience.   During the audition process, our Year 5 and 6 learners were invited to showcase their talents, various scripts were provided and the year

Nexmas Around the World: Celebrating Christmas, Diversity and the Nexus Community Spirit

Written by Danni, Member of the Nexus Community Group. On the 8th of December, we saw the return of the much-anticipated Christmas fair, “Nexmas Around the World,” organized by the Nexus Community Group. This year’s event aimed to celebrate the magic of Christmas, our incredibly diverse cultures at Nexus, and the unwavering support of our vibrant community.   The school was decorated to a whole new level this year with some of the most elaborate decorations being crafted to reflect our theme of Christmas around the world. With seemingly impossible designs, a huge thanks goes to the team of parents

Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Nexus International School’s Year 3 Showcase

At Nexus International School (Singapore), the vibrant tapestry of cultures is not just embraced but celebrated! Building Knowledge Across the Unit of Inquiry Year 3 Learners hosted a Cultural Celebration for their families and friends Throughout their Unit of Inquiry (UOI) ‘How we express ourselves,’ Year 3 learners have been on a journey of discovery, building upon their knowledge of cultural expressions. They explored the central idea that ‘Culture is reflected through the Arts.’ The celebration wasn’t the first time parents were invited to join the learners on their cultural exploration. Earlier in the term, parents were invited to the

Nexus Learners Become Internationally Accredited Mental Health First Aiders

At Nexus International School (Singapore), our commitment to learner wellbeing leaps forward with the latest initiative from our CARE:MVMT Ambassadors. Empowering Learners for a Supportive Community Nexus Learners with George Peterkin of ‘Mind Your Health Ltd’ George Peterkin of ‘Mind Your Health Ltd‘ recently led an extensive Mental Health First Aid Training program at Nexus International School in Singapore. This day-long training covered crucial topics such as the fundamentals of mental health, different disorders and why people develop mental health conditions, symptom recognition, and effective approaches to supporting others.   George and the learners engaged in conversations about ways to

Nexus Year 4 Trip: Exploring Singapore’s History

Throughout the term, Year 4 learners have been exploring how early migrant settlers shaped Singapore by focusing on the inquiry ‘Migration changes communities and places over time.’ They explored why different groups migrated to Singapore and the important contributions these pioneers made which still impact our society today. As part of their Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) program, the Year 4 students recently went to the ‘Images of Singapore’ exhibition in Sentosa, enhancing their understanding of these historical ideas. Tracing the Steps of Singapore’s Founders Year 4 Learners Exploring the ‘Images of Singapore’ Museum Susan Kelly, Year Leader wrote. The

Square Roots Visit Nexus International School (Singapore)

Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset and Sustainability at Nexus International School (Singapore) Nexus International School (Singapore) has long championed entrepreneurship education, instilling an innovative and proactive business mindset within its learners. Through dynamic entrepreneurship programs and workshops, Nexus empowers its learners to embrace the challenges and opportunities in business ventures. Tobias’s presentation at Nexus International School (Singapore) highlighed the vital link between entrepreneurship and sustainability. During his visit to Singapore for International Agri-Food Week 2023, Tobias Peggs, CEO and Co-founder of Square Roots, visited our campus and provided a captivating discussion to our learners on business sustainability, entrepreneurship, life in a startup,